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Make Money Online: Global


Too many online money-making sites are useless for international users and those that do have marginal use, are either out of date or dishonestly prioritise referral earnings over user earnings.

I have sifted through the mess and found all of the best global offers to make money online as of March 2020, including: online surveys, video watching, user testing, cryptocurrency, investing, and even consumer savings; for both the PC and Android.

Below you will find links to all of the top global sites offering real means to make money online to those of us outside of America (my perspective is as a resident of Australia, so there still isn’t a guarantee that any of this will work for you). I will be updating this whenever any new, worthy pages arise that will help you earn online. None of these options are on a schedule – you can use them at any moment that you find yourself having a spare minute to earn some online money, and all currencies listed are US dollars.
Full disclosure: Some of the online income options below do have referral systems, which I will be using when available. However the sites I endorse the most are those without referral systems – those that pay the user all of the money owed, rather than forcing them to share it with a recruiter. Those I endorse that do contain a referral system, I endorse for other reasons: reasons which directly benefit you. I will never endorse a page which I do not genuinely believe is in the best interests of whomever is reading this blurb.



1. Browser: All of the browser-based online earning methods, most of which work just fine on both the PC and Android platforms.

2. Android: All of the Android exclusive ways to make money online.

3. Australian-Only: I try to keep things as global as possible, but I am Australian and we have some exclusive money-making methods, which are impressive enough to really need mentioned.

4. Investments: The options above will net you plenty of extra income but if you want life-changing amounts of money, take those earnings and bring them to this section.


Reward XP + HideoutTV + Loot.tv (Passive)

This is a really easy way to earn money online. Just sign up to all three of the above sites, link both HideoutTV and Loot.tv to your Reward XP account, and have them running videos whenever your PC is on. Between them, you will easily earn about $1.50 a day without investing any time at all. Even if you already are a member of a page that supports both HideoutTV and Loot.tv, still be sure to give Reward XP a look, as it pays the most out of all of the GPT sites, and certainly pays better than whatever you are using in the meantime.

Protip 1: To keep the videos autoplaying correctly, you need to give the pages permission to autoplay both video and sound, the latter of which can be really annoying if you are planning on using your PC for other purposes while having the videos running in the background. The solution is to make use of two browsers. I use firefox to run my videos (and any of the other pages described below that might like to make noise) with the Mute Sites By Default addon installed, so it can have the autoplay sound setting without actually playing any sound. I then use a second browser (Brave) for general internet surfing, including sites like Youtube where I would actually want sound to play. Be sure to run your video services in separate windows from each other. I don’t know if they continue to play or not if their tab isn’t on the front, but separate windows avoids that risk entirely.

Protip 2: Reward XP is useful for more than just collecting your HideoutTV and Loot.tv earnings. It has surveys which you may or may not find useful (I personally don’t use them because the survey sites listed below tend to be a lot better than what you would find through the likes of Reward XP, but maybe you have a lot more spare time than I). More important than the surveys is the fact that it gives you offers to play mobile games and be paid once you reach a certain level within those games – that is a service I am enthusiastic about accepting. The earnings per minute isn’t great, because it usually takes anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to earn your reward (which can be anywhere from $5 to $20), but it is a much more fun way to earn than spamming surveys endlessly. The games are fun enough that even the least fun that I have played didn’t feel like a waste of time. I am even continuing to play one after having already earned every last available cent, just because I find it entertaining.

Protip 3: Be sure to join Reward XP‘s Discord. They regularly host giveaways which tend to have few people entering, so your chances of winning are really high. I have personally earned $15.55 in giveaways so far and that by definition is free money. As long as you like money, there isn’t any reason not to be taking it from Reward XP‘s Discord Giveaways.

Brave Browser (Passive)

Brave is a browser that will block all of your ads, tracking data, and prevent the theft of your personal information for you. It is incredibly easy to set up, with it importing all of your settings, bookmarks, passwords, and addons from Chrome (or whatever your default browser is) with a single click. It is also considerably faster than Chrome, which is something I did not expect personally considering I used uBlock Origin, so I expected both browsers to function at a similar speed.

The browser itself seems to be among the best on the market (and perhaps the very best of them all – I certainly believe it is better than Chrome, Firefox, and Opera at the very least), but that isn’t enough reason for it to appear on this page. The reason it belongs here is the free crypto you can gain from using it. If you give it permission, it will display tiny, unobtrusive, ads in the lower right corner as notifications. They won’t block the page or video you are watching like traditional ads and you will be paid for each ad it displays you. With regular internet use, you can expect to earn about $5 a month without any effort on your behalf. I thoroughly recommend doing so even if $5 a month sounds insignificant, because the ads themselves are even less significant, making it basically free money.

eBesucher (Passive)

This is more passive income, just fire it up and it will load up random webpages on a tab you never bother having to look at. This one pays really poorly though – poorly enough that I am considering giving it up even though it really requires no effort at all to use. With it, you will earn an online income of about 20c a week.

Rewardia (Semi-Passive + Active)

Rewardia is an American/Australian/New Zealander site (sorry to everyone else) that does a whole lot, but the most notable thing it does is allow you to make money online by playing games. The games include but are not limited to: Sudoku, Tetris, jigsaw puzzles, spot-the-differences, Wordfinds, Scratchies, Quizes, Memory Games, Hangman, and multiple versions of Solitaire. You won’t earn much per game (I mainly play Sudoku, which pays just $0.06 per game) but you are playing a game, and earning money for it. Plenty of people out there (myself included) spend a lot of their time playing the likes of Sudoku anyway, so you may as well earn some of that sweet online money for it.

You can also be paid half a cent for answering a single question survey, or more for watching videos or doing more traditional surveys, but playing games for money is what really makes Rewardia worth mentioning.

Protip: Many of the games can be automated by using something like MiniMouseMacro. Rewardia often has advertisements or bonus point popups which will need to be manually clicked away, so you can’t leave it running on its own for long, but I usually have MiniMouseMacro playing Spinning Wheel for me in the background of my laptop, while I watch movies on it. Doing so makes an easy dollar per day.

Honeygain / Packetstream / IPRoyalPeer2Profit / EarnApp (All Passive)

If you have an unlimited internet plan, or at least a lot more data than you need, then these pages are a solid method of monetising it.
While they are running, they will use your bandwidth and pay you between $0.10 and $1 for every gb used (the leftmost offer above pays the least while the rightmost pays the highest). It is as simple as that. Just run them all while you sleep, or are otherwise not using the internet, and you will effectively make free, effortless money. Or you can run them while you are using the internet too if you aren’t too concerned about internet speed – I am running them all right now while updating this post and there isn’t any noticeable slowdown. I suggest trying them out while using the internet and judging them for yourself – your experiences may differ due to differing internet speeds, how much of a favourable network you possess, and your tolerance for internet congestion. But most certainly do try them, the five of them combined do make for some seriously easy cash.

As you can see, those options aren’t the best earners and probably aren’t what you are looking for. They however, require little to no time to earn you that income, so they are basically offering free online money. You will not find a better return per minute of labour. The following sites are the opposite – they provide a lot more money but they do require some minor effort on your behalf. If you are lacking in time you might not be able to partake in them all that much, but I would still recommend signing up for all of them that will accept you. The more you have, the more ability you have to spend your time solely on whatever have the best offer in the moment. I constantly have 5 of them open on tabs at all times and use an Addon called Distill Web Monitor to keep an eye on them for when new opportunities arise – some opportunities fill up fast, so you need to know of them just as fast.

Prolific Academic (Active)

This is a global survey site. Just take an offer, answer its questions and earn some online money. I listed this one first because it is my favourite – its surveys are far more interesting than the other sites, so it feels less like work. You can expect to earn about $9 an hour from their surveys, and get enough opportunities for about an hour’s work each day.

PureProfile (Active)

This is another high paying global survey site. It pays about $12 an hour and has a lot more opportunities than most of the other survey sites, but it has one caveat – it only allows you to earn a maximum of $70 every two months. I get that money from about 6 hour’s effort, spread over a week. Then I have to essentially wait another 53 days before I can earn more.

SpiderMetrix (Active)

Honestly, there is a lot to say about SpiderMetrix and not all of it is good.
Let’s start with the bad: Their profile questions were written in a really childish way that may have strove for endearing, but I found it to be very unprofessional. It also uses a points system which isn’t all that practical: Every 6 points = $1.
In spite of the above misgivings, I still feel that SpiderMetrix is a global site that is more than worth recommending. Its main surveys pay quite well: Right now I am staring at a 12 minute survey for $2 and a 15 minute survey for $2.50, which add up to the equivalent of a $10 per hour online income, which is fairly good as surveys go. However they aren’t actually the main reason why I would recommend the site. I recommend it mainly on the basis of the short, single click surveys it has on offer. Each of them pay a single point, so within 6 clicks you will have earned a dollar. Obviously, the time required to click 6 times is miniscule so the pay per minute is incredible on those surveys. You can expect about a dozen of them each week, so each week you can earn an income of  $2 for basically nothing. Just make sure you check on the page daily as it doesn’t bother sending you E-mail notifications.

Serpclix (Semi_Passive)

This is an extension which only works on Firefox and Edge. Just keep your browser open, and it will periodically give you a search term to click on. Just click the link, press ctrl+v in the google search bar, and scroll down to the highlighted ad (it may require looking more than 1 page deep). Click the ad and it will give you a timer for how long you must remain on the page (you can happily keep using another browser while it counts down though). Once you have been on the page long enough (usually a minute), you will have earned US$0.10 if the page is within the same country as you, or US$0.05 if it is from another country.

That doesn’t sound like a lot of money but it adds up fast and comes effortlessly. If you use your browser an average amount, you can expect to make about $20 per month. If you use your browser an extreme amount like I do, then you can hope to make about $50 per month.

Protip: Be sure to set your google search preferences to list 100 results per page. It makes the whole thing so much faster than scrolling through multiple pages. Just Ctrl-V the search term, press enter, grab the page slider and rapidly drag it down until some colour catches your eye. Getting that click should take about 5 seconds all up.

UserCrowd (Active)

This is a user-testing site. It asks you to go to a webpage and do certain things so they can learn how easy it is for average people to navigate their pages.
It only pays an average of 20c per test but each test requires only a single click, so it is basically 20c for nothing at all. The money adds up and you can expect an income of about $10 a month.

I’m not sure what exactly happened with this site when I tested the global user-testing sites, but I obviously found some reason to discard it as the site was no longer bookmarked. A lot of these sites require the user to submit a test video when signing up (the above didn’t) and I immediately discarded those ones as it seemed like a lot of work for something that most likely wouldn’t amount to anything.
However, I obviously didn’t quit the site entirely (and am very grateful that I didn’t) as yesterday I received an E-mail from them. It was for a $10 job that took about 10 minutes of my time. Today I received another $20 job which took another 10 minutes of my time. A $30 income for 20 minutes work is absolutely incredible. Even $30 pay in just two days just from a single site is incredible. It really doesn’t matter what happens tomorrow – they have already earned their spot as one of the all time greats of global earning.

A couple more high-paying survey sites. Survey Village pays about 15c per minute which is a great rate of return for those that can use it, and Octopus Group pays an even more impressive 28c per minute, however those that can use them are far and few between. If you aren’t living within Australia or New Zealand, then these sites are of no use to you.


This entire section is dedicated to earning money online with phones using the Android operating system (again, from a global perspective rather than the U.S. centric approach the other sites use). Some of these apps will have iPhone versions but I do not guarantee it, nor care to research that operating system.

My absolute favourite of all of the offerings on this page, SimCash uses your phone to send messages and you make money with each message sent. The messages aren’t spam, they are all solicited messages for password verification and such. Legitimate companies use SimCash’s service because business telecom accounts are far more expensive than personal accounts, so it is cheaper for them to go through SimCash and your personal account, than it is through the telecom companies.

You get to set your own price and limits as to how many messages they are allowed to send through your account. I have done the testing so that you don’t have to, and I don’t recommend doing the testing yourself, because pushing it too hard can result in your phone service being cancelled. After my extensive tests, there are two ways you can use this app, each with its own merits and drawbacks:

  1. Limitless: Buy yourself a sim with unlimited texting (don’t use your personal account because this sim is going to get cancelled by your mobile service provider!), set the phone to send messages to every country at the absolute minimum price and don’t set a single limit (or just your own country if your sim is limited to free texting to your country only). I did this for about 3 days before my sim was cancelled, but I earned a really reasonable $30 in that time from a single phone. If you were so inclined, you can make some really good global money with this method, by ordering a constant string of sim cards to replace them whenever they are cancelled. The problem with this method is that it is really tedious setting up your phone for every single country and doing that every three days per phone (you can use unlimited phones, each one earning $10 per day!) would be a real pain. Still, $30 for spending 10 minutes setting up your phone is the equivalent to being paid $180 per hour and unlike the other offerings on this page, there is no limit to how much time you can spend earning through this method.
  2. Limited but reliable: Use any sim and give the app permission to message whatever countries your sim has free international texting to. However, be sure to give it a limit of 49 messages per hour so as to be sure not to get the sim cancelled. In order to compensate for the reduced throughput, you want to charge a little more for your messages. I have done some fairly extensive testing and found that the most profitable price you should be charging is approximately 3x the minimum for each country. The exception is to France. France accounts for very nearly all of the messages being sent and with demand like that, you can charge a little more. I charge France 5x the minimum. Using this method, you will earn between $2.50-$3.50 per phone per day. Not nearly as much as option 1, but still a really good income for something that you set once and only ever interact with again to collect your earnings. You can use as many phones as you like and I recommend doing so. $3.50 per day isn’t much, but my 7 phones have pushed that number up to nearly $25 per day and over $170 per week for doing absolutely nothing. I recommend you get your hands on as many phones as possible too.

Note: I’d really appreciate it if you used my referral code on this one (Ref: RFQXF ) even if you don’t use it on a single other offering on this page. Your earnings will not be harmed for using it. The difference between this offering and the others is that I stand to lose a lot from the increased competition, just for telling you about this. I really considered not sharing this one at all for that very reason, but I want this page to be more focused on your profits than mine, so here it is. Still, that referral code will mitigate the losses I expect from getting this app out there, so please use it so I don’t have to kick myself too hard for taking the hit.

This is a crypto mining app that serves as both your wallet and miner, simplifying the crpyto process for mainstream appeal. Its mining also isn’t really mining – it is simulated mining, which means it does not suffer from the power drain and stress on your components that an actual miner would subject you to. Just log in once a week and click “start mining” to keep it earning for you. Sadly, you will only get about 8c worth of crypto each week, but that isn’t terrible for a single click.
They also have online games you can play to earn this crypto, but I didn’t get involved with them much myself.
Important: When signing up, be sure to input the referral code: 8tru1441 Doing so will earn you an extra 200 PHT, which is only about 3c worth, but if you are signing up to this offer in the first place, you are probably after every easy global cent you can get regardless of how many.
With this App (and a phone number) you will make global money for nothing. They send you a text every now and then and you are paid €0.02 for every text message they send.
Important: When signing up, be sure to input the referral code: E4DD57B65 Doing so will earn you an extra €0.25
Protip: If you make the default notifications on your phone silent (and add audio notifications to all of your contacts individually if you don’t want their messages silenced too), then you will not even notice these messages as they come in. You will be paid for literally nothing.
Similarly to Money SMS, with this App (and a phone number) you will make global money for nothing. They send you a text every now and then and you are paid $0.065 for every text message they send.
Important: When signing up, be sure to input the referral code: 8GZW11XW Doing so will earn you a one-time bonus as soon as you have received enough messages.

Protip: If you make the default notifications on your phone silent (and add audio notifications to all of your contacts individually if you don’t want their messages silenced too), then you will not even notice these messages as they come in. You will be paid for literally nothing.

Cointiply (Active)

My initial impression of this app wasn’t great as the payments are quite low. However, if you do everything possible to maximize those earnings (be sure to sign in every day and always leave a minimum of 35,000 coins in there), the payments are at what I would consider a tolerable threshold. Personally, I use the app quite sparingly: I hit up the faucet and the chat pool whenever I pick up my phone (about three times per day) and mindlessly drill through all of the Pay-to-Click ads and video ads whenever I am watching TV or a movie. The end result is worth about $5 a month for relatively little inconvenience, although it will take you over 3 months to get to that point due to the daily login bonus taking 100 days to max out.

HoneyGain (Passive)

If you have an unlimited internet plan, or at least a lot more data than you need, then Honeygain is a global method of making money from it.
While it is running, Honeygain will use your bandwidth and pay you $0.10 per gb used. It is as simple as that. Just run Honeygain while you sleep, or are otherwise not using the internet (while still leaving your connection online), and you will effectively receive free, effortless money. Or you can run it while you are actively online too if you aren’t too concerned about internet speed – I am running it right now while updating this post and it doesn’t seem to be noticeably slowing anything down. I suggest trying it out while online and judging for yourself – your experiences may differ due to differing internet speeds and how much Honeygain likes to use your network.
NOTE: If you like Honeygain, you should check out Packetstream in the Browser section. It is virtually identical to Honeygain except PC exclusive. Even while running them both together (as well as a third, now defunct system), I couldn’t detect any noticeable slowdown of my internet.

Panel App (Passive + Active)

Simply sign up and install. This app will passively increase in points as you live your life. Those points will convert in to prepaid Mastercard gift cards (which can be spent virtually anywhere). You can also partake in what they call ‘surveys’ to make those points faster, but those surveys are far and few between. However they aren’t really surveys at all as they are only a single question and well worth your time.

Voxpopme (Active)

This Android-exclusive survey app conducts its surveys via video. Each video response takes less than a minute and you get paid about 60c for your trouble (which comes out to more than $36 per hour). That is a fantastic pay per minute rate and considering all you have to do is speak your opinion on a subject out loud (a recent example I was tasked with is explaining what I like better: Coke or Pepsi), but obviously it involved recording yourself which can be a big deterrent for introverts. Still, if you can bring yourself to do it, you can earn a lot of really easy money.

This is a survey site much like those advertised above. The sole difference is that it is Android-exclusive, so you cannot earn from it without one. Its pay per minute is absolutely fantastic and it pays directly to your Paypal after every completed survey. Don’t overlook this one just because it is on the phone, it is at least as good as the browser-based online offers and the fact that its income is immediate probably makes it a superior method of making global money online, to them.

This is another Android-exclusive survey app. It has a strange points system where one point seems to equal around 1.8c. This app often has some high paying surveys on offer – I just completed one that earned me 96 points (the equivalent of making $1.72) for a 10 minute online survey (the equivalent of $10.33 an hour). That is a great rate of pay but it is more the exception than the rule. What I primarily use this site for is collecting that free point on surveys just for clicking them. I click everything whether I intend to complete it or not and just get that relatively cheap and easy free money. I usually get at least $0.50 per day via that method without spending very much time nor effort.

This app shares a lot in common with Curious Cat. In much the same way, it is an Android-exclusive that pays fairly well for surveys, has a strange 1 point = 1.8c conversion ratio, and a low minimum payment threshold. However, everything it does differently, it does worse. The minimum payment threshold is low, however still higher than Curious Cat; its average pay per minute is lower than Curious Cats (but is still often high enough to exceed my 10c per minute minimum pay); and its free 1.8c for joining only pays upon failing a survey (so it isn’t exploitable like Curious Cat’s).

Still, even if it is worse than Curious Cat, it is still well worth recommending. You need to use it wisely in order to ignore the lower paying offers, but the high paying offers are common enough for me to have earned $8 in a very short time.


The above offers have the highest online earnings available for global users, but us Australians have it better. All of the above work wonders for us too and I urge you to check them out if you are an Aussie, but perhaps even more important for you is this section. This section contains some Australian-exclusive ways to earn online, some of which (like Octopus Group) are the highest paying of their type on the planet. As I am an Australian and I know the Australian markets better, this section will be more in depth than what I offer global users. It won’t just include the usual sites, but also the means of saving money when you shop and even earning significant one-off payments with virtually no effort at all.

Also be sure to check out both Rewardia and Survey Village (both mentioned above). They didn’t make this section because they also cater to Kiwis, but they are almost Aussie-exclusive and both well worth looking at.

These are high paying Australian-exclusive survey sites. There isn’t much to say about survey sites that I haven’t mentioned above, instead I’ll just leave this image of the average offer from Octopus Group. Those payments are the highest for this type of work on the planet, and Purkle isn’t so far behind. When it comes to doing online surveys for cash, Australia by far has  much higher income potential than anywhere else. Also worth looking at is Surveyvillage (mentioned above). Surveyvillage is almost as exclusive (and pays just as well) as these other companies, but it is available to New Zealanders too, so didn’t make it in to the Aussie-exclusive section.


Humanity is a relatively new website/app to earn online from, and now that it exists, my statement about Octopus Group paying the highest on the planet is no longer true. The $2 they pay for 5 minute surveys equates to a higher average rate than Octopus, and being better than the best really makes them a site/app worth mentioning. If you use the link above, or the code L0K702 if you find your way to the site via other means, then you will receive an additional $5 payment upon completing your starter survey and linking your bank account.

If you haven’t heard of Spaceship Voyager, it is a free (as long as you invest $5000 or less) version of Acorns/Raiz. If you haven’t heard of Acorns/Raiz, they are user-friendly investment apps for the inexperienced to get involved in the stock market, without huge amounts of money (however, unlike Spaceship, they charge absurd rates for the service – far more than you would have to pay if investing via any other means).
Your money can be withdrawn relatively quickly so it remains largely liquid in case of emergencies, so if you have even small amounts of money, it is better to send it to Voyager where it will make you some money, rather than have it sitting in your bank doing nothing. You also get paid $5 per referral (that number varies a lot, this month it is $10, and I have been paid as highly as $60 in the past) so if you have a lot of friends that would like the idea of having their money earn more money rather than sitting around pointlessly, then you can earn a lot from sharing this information with them. Worth mentioning, is the fact that they get that same referral money too! So if you invite them, then you get $5 and they get $5 too ($10 each this month), but they have to transfer $5 in to their account before either of you make anything. The money can be withdrawn again right away if necessary – including the extra they are paid for being referred.
Important: Make sure to input the referral code: S8M5XYWTLS within 14 days of signing up, and invest at least $5 within 90 days. Doing so will earn you that referral money ($10 if you do it this month), otherwise you will miss out on making that easy cash.
This site isn’t about earning you money, it is about spending it well. It excels in that regard due to saving you money in two significant expenses:
  1. Groceries: CashRewards has access to one very significant discount: 5% cheaper Woolworth’s gift cards. By buying these gift cards, you can get everything affiliated with Woolworths (including their petrol stations and bottle stores) 5% cheaper. 5% cheaper groceries, petrol and alcohol is nothing to sneeze at. To put that in perspective, the other day, everyone was clamoring to  buy some $1.43/l petrol before the price rise. By using the Cash Rewards discount as well as a 4c Woolworth’s receipt voucher, right now (post price rise) you can drop the price of Petrol at the Woolworths stations down to $143.165/l. With Cash Rewards, you don’t have to wait in line for the cheap fuel because cheap fuel is available to you any time.
  2. Consumer Goods: CashRewards offers a 5% rebate at their most important affiliate: AliExpress. For those that don’t know, AliExpress is an online superstore that stocks a more diverse range than any department store in Australia and probably any mall in Australia. They do so with free global shipping and absurdly cheap prices. Just look at the image below that compares two randomly chosen products against the same item in leading Australia retailers. As you can see, the price differences are immense. All of your goods should be sourced from AliExpress if your finances are of any concern to you (and being on this page implies they are), so a further 5% discount will travel well.AliCompare.JPG

3. Everything else: Whenever you are in the market to purchase any big ticket item, always check Cash Rewards first because they will usually be able to get it for less  money. The cheapest place in Australia that was selling the freezer I wanted, was Appliances Online. Cash Rewards took that already cheapest price and slashed another 1% off of it. The same applied to my purchase of a tablet. The cheapest place in the country to buy the model I needed was The Good Guys, so using Cash Rewards to purchase from The Good Guys’s eBay store resulted in a further 6.05% discount on what was already the cheapest in the country.

Shopback (Semi-Passive)

This is another rebate site just like CashRewards above. The difference is that it trades CashRewards’s guarantee, for greater rebates. Make your own choice as to which you would prefer to use, but I recommend signing up to both in order to capitalise on any promotions they run. One such promotion resulted in me purchasing $160 worth of groceries at Woolworths online for only $67.06 (stacking a 50% off special on all frozen goods, an increased promotional rebate, and using a gift card which came with a 5% discount).


The above offers will net you some solid global income, but that kind of money will never be enough to change your life. If you take those earnings and invest them in any of the below options, that very well might change. These global options are the ones that will bring you enough money to get that house the current economy seems to make impossible, or even make enough of a passive income to retire early.

Yet, the old adage of “you have to spend money to make money” applies. Yet because of the options above, that really isn’t the case. You can instead earn that money to make money, and considering you are surviving quite okay right now without the earnings of the above offers, anything you earn from this site is surplus to requirements and something that you can afford invest without risk to your lifestyle.

If you have heard about people getting rich off of cryptocurrency, then you are already interested in Hodlnaut, you just don’t know it yet. Through it, you get all of the benefits of crypto’s typical trend upwards, while also stacking compounding interest on it daily. By stacking two ways to make money like that, you not only double your profit potential, but you halve your risks as if the crypto market crashes, you still have all of that accrued interest to mitigate those losses, or maybe even keep you in the green.

The coin I’d recommend purchasing is Ethereum. On Hodlnaut, it gets a tasty 7.2% PA interest rate, but even more appealing is Ethereum as an asset. If you are new to the cryptosphere, all the news you will have heard about is Bitcoin, but Ethereum has outperformed Bitcoin in almost any span of time since its inception. It has consistently risen higher during the bull runs and dropped less during the bear markets. There are very few absolutes when it comes to your finances, but you generating more wealth by investing in Ethereum over Bitcoin is very nearly one of them.
So what is the actual process? It is much less complicated than it may seem. Simply search online to find your local crypto exchange. I have no idea where you live, so I can’t help you with that, but the one I use is Independent Reserve. If that works wherever you are, then great. If it doesn’t, then a simple google search with the terms “crypto” “exchange” and whatever country you are from, should find you something. Once you have signed up to your local exchange, just send them the income you earn from all of the above offers, buy Ethereum with it, then send that Ethereum to your account on Hodlnaut.

NOTE: There is another minor benefit to using Hodlnaut, and that is the US$20 bonus they give you for signing up. However, that bonus requires you invest US$1000 or more of crypto in a single transaction within a week of making the account. That is what I did and it worked just fine, but I still wouldn’t recommend striving for it. You are better off investing whatever you can as soon as you can, in order to collect the interest in the meantime, rather than saving up first just to get the $20 bonus.

This is an Ethereum Smart Contract that will generate much more revenue than Hodlnaut (I am getting about 0.1% ROI per day, which is exceptional), but it does operate on the same principles as a Pyramid Scheme, which should generate some serious alarm bells in you as Pyramid Schemes typically do not benefit the user. However, Ethereum Gold does have one major difference that nullifies the issues common in Pyramid Schemes. Typically a Pyramid Scheme only benefits the people at the top of the pyramid as all of the money flows upwards, meaning that the only way to make money is to have enough people below you to mitigate your own expenses and generate profits on top of that. Ethereum Gold is different. With Ethereum Gold, people pay upwards by losing 10% of their initial investment (which is divided between all of the people already invested), but you also pay downwards by losing 10% of your investment when you sell (which is again divided between all of the people already invested). The end result isn’t your typical pyramid where only the people at the top benefit, it is a trapezoid where income flows both ways, although twice as much goes upwards than it does down. The real difference however, lies in the fact that your profitability is completely in your hands. Even if you get in at the very bottom on the trapezoid, all you have to do is wait long enough to sell and the people above you selling their investments will result in your profitability.
There is a price to pay for the higher returns you receive compared to Hodlnaut, and that is that it takes a long time to get back in the green. At approximately a 0.1% daily ROI, it will take you around 200 days just to break even with the 10% purchasing and selling fees, not to mention making up for all of the interest you would have gained from Hodlnaut over that time period. If you are prepared to invest for the long-haul however, Ethereum Gold does offer more than just higher returns: it also offers stability. The Smart Contract can never be removed, nor altered, not even by government intervention. As long as Ethereum exists, your investment is safe.
So what is the actual process? Almost exactly the same as is described above for Holdnaut. The main difference is that you do not send your Ethereum to Holdnaut, you instead install a browser extension named Metamask. Once Metamask is up and working, send your Ethereum to it, then go to the Ethereum Gold page and transfer that Ethereum in to it. One important thing to consider is that your Metamask will include a seed phrase. That is a phrase of a series of random words that you will need in order to retain possession of your money should something happen to the device you installed Metamask on. With that seed, your wallet can be transferred to any device, so write it down somewhere and protect it at all costs. Do not write it digitally, because as I said that wallet can be transferred to any device with that seed phrase, and that includes the device of anyone that hacks whatever device you decided to store that seed phrase on digitally. Never write that seed phrase down on anything but paper, and I’d recommend keeping two copies of it at separate locations in order to prevent it being destroyed in a house fire or something. As long as your seed phrase is well preserved and well protected, your money is safer than anywhere else on the planet. It can not be taken by thieves, governments, debt collectors, nor financial institutions.